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We Have the Best Customers

“I received the bracelet yesterday…..thank you so much!  I was not prepared to see such a beautiful piece of jewelry.  I almost cried, I can only imagine what my husband will do!  You went beyond “the call of duty” and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. … Just wanted to let […]

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Why We Wear Them

It’s about making a statement. It’s about honoring the family we make and taking pride in our reputation. It’s about being a professional soldier and recognizing the men and women that served before us. We wear them with honor for those in active duty and veterans alike. A reminder of our service, our alliances, and […]

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A Message from our CEO

We are proud to reveal our US Military Bracelet line and we thank you for visiting our site. These bracelets are very special to me. We have made a unique and personal piece of quality fine jewelry that allows families to unite in honoring their loved ones. A few years ago I had a “near […]

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