A Message from our CEO

US Military Bracelets CEO, Bert Carey, Towne Craft Designs

Bert Carey

We are proud to reveal our US Military Bracelet line and we thank you for visiting our site. These bracelets are very special to me. We have made a unique and personal piece of quality fine jewelry that allows families to unite in honoring their loved ones.

A few years ago I had a “near death” experience when I suffered cardiac arrest. This got me thinking about the young men and women who, in the line of duty, face the reality of sudden death everyday. As a jewelry manufacturer, I challenged myself and my team to create something personal, specifically for those brave people and their families.

We hope they are as proud to wear our bracelets as we are of making them.

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  1. brenda says:

    These bracelets are beautifully crafted.each with the insignia of a branch of the military. Unique and special gift

  2. Claudia says:

    You’re bracelets are absolutely gorgeous. I would have loved to have gotten the airforce with the gold insignia, but the silver is nice too. My son was in Afghanistan when I first saw your site. I just ordered it for him for Christmas… I am fortunate that he is one who returned home safely in October this year. We are truly proud of him and want the world to know it. Thank you and I am glad that you survived your experience. Sincerely Claudia Pacheco

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