Osama is DEAD & The Navy Seals Rock!

Osama is Dead!, US Military Bracelets, Towne Craft Designs

When we first heard the big news, it didn’t seem real. Osama bin Laden is dead? Really?!!!

And then a wave of simultaneous happiness and relief. ┬áIt’s been so long since these terrorists came to our shores, destroyed our towers, our sense of safety, and took countless American lives. And yet, it doesn’t seem so long ago after all. All of the 9/11 memories come back so quickly. Of course, we can never forget the service of our active duty soldiers and the veterans of these conflicts and we want to say THANK YOU for this accomplishment.

America thanks you. We know that it has not been easy and you have remained in our hearts and prayers, but today we celebrate your heroism and this win! With a special call-out to our Navy Seals, the team that literally took Osama down in his filthy mansion in Pakistan, we raise our glasses to you and wish you a safe return home!

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