A Keepsake Born of Respect and Admiration

US Military Bracelets, Towne Craft Designs, A Keepsake Born of Respect and AdmirationThose who serve in the Armed Forces have a job that requires a much deeper commitment than most other careers. The men and women who fight for freedom give not only their time, their energy, or their passion – they give their lives. At Towne Craft Designs – a company owned and founded by a veteran of the United States Military – we take that commitment very seriously. That is why we created our line of US Military Bracelets and Pendants – to commemorate, honor, and show appreciation for the people who fight for – and have fought for – our country.

To ensure that every gift is unique as the person receiving it, we’ve made it so that each of our high quality, stainless steel bracelets and pendants can be personalized in just about any way you like. Popular choices include tour of duty dates, names of fellow soldiers, personal, patriotic, or religious statements, names of family, and important dates. All of our men’s and boy’s bracelets can be engraved in five separate locations, with up to two lines of 11 characters each per location; our women’s and girl’s bracelets can each be engraved on the reverse. We offer finely crafted bracelets with gold and silver raised emblems, as well as embossed emblems, for five branches of the United States Military: the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy.

Show the depth of your gratitude with a gift from the heart: Get your loved one a US Military Bracelet or Pendant.

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