Commemorating A Life-Changing Event

US Military Bracelets by Towne Craft Designs, Commemorating a Life-Changing Experience

Serving in the military is a life-changing event – and one that thousands of men and women experience each and every day. In the time they spend serving their country – whether overseas or on our own soil – they see and do things that will forever impact their outlook on life.

Upon their return from deployment, many military heroes wish to commemorate their service in a lasting and memorable way. In the past, some turned to tattoos or other body art – a practice that is still quite common today among new veterans. But there is another option: Personalized military jewelry.

At Towne Craft Designs, we created our line of US Military Bracelets as a unique way for veterans to commemorate their military careers. Each of our men’s military bracelets can be personalized in a variety of locations, and with any message you desire. Popular choices include platoon names, dates of deployment, the names of fallen comrades – anything that has meaning to you or your veteran.

Show respect for some of life’s most significant memories today with a US Military Bracelet. Visit to learn more.

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