RallyPoint New Networking Site to Help Vets Find Jobs

Most people realize that in order to get a job in this tough economy, it’s not necessarily “what” you know, but “who” you know. That helps explain the explosive growth of LinkedIn, which now has over 200 million members.

Job seekers have come to see the effectiveness of the networking site in helping to land jobs. Unfortunately, the power of LinkedIn hasn’t seemed to translate to Veterans who are returning to civilian life but still struggling to find a place in the workforce. The numbers keep getting worse.

According to the January report from Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for veterans who served since 2001 jumped to 11.7% compared to 9.1% a year earlier. The general population saw a slight decline in the jobless rate year over year from 8.7% to 8.3%.  The numbers are even worse for female veterans who are experiencing an unemployment rate of 17.1% compared to male vets at 10.5%.

There are a number of initiatives out there to aid in the job search for these veterans including VetJobs.com, Bonds of Courage and FedsHireVets.

Towne Craft Designs is pleased to support the newest and perhaps brightest hope in the battle to help Vets get jobs in the website RallyPoint – a LinkedIn-like networking site exclusively for veterans.

A pair of Harvard educated veterans founded RallyPoint in an effort to help tap into the vast military network and help solve the problem of veteran unemployment. Yinon Weiss and Aaron Kletzing have developed a technology that “revolutionizes the way members of US’s largest and most complicated hierarchical organization — the Department of Defense — connect, develop, and pursue fulfilling opportunities throughout their military careers.”

The powerful site clearly outlines the connections between all units throughout the military and the potential connections that can help each veteran find relevant positions. RallyPoint establishes the unique military identity of each member, helps him or her make connections with other military professionals, presents career options and tracks the activities of other members of the veteran’s network.

The ultimate goal of RallyPoint, according to the site, is to ensure that “prospective employers fully appreciate and understand your military skills and experiences” and to help “secure the civilian job that’s best for you – long before you transition.”

That’s encouraging, and long overdue news for all our job-seeking veterans.

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