Tips for Kids with Military Moms

As the military sees a stronger and stronger presence of female soldiers, the likelihood of children having deployed moms on Mothers’ Day becomes higher and higher. Many articles are scattered across the web, offering moms advice on how to deal with deployed children, but few address the perspective of children with deployed mothers.

Here are some tips for the kids out there whose moms are overseas this Mothers’ Day:

1. Send Her Mail

Hearing from family is always a nice escape from the daily duties of the soldier. But this letter is special. Remind mom how much she means to you, and how excited you’ll be to see her soon! Remember, Mom already knows you miss her, so avoid spending too much time talking about how much you miss her, and spend the letter reminding her how proud you are to have her as your mom. Of course, make it yours, but hopefully those tips will get you started on your Mothers’ Day letter.

2. Can’t Send it? Save it!

In some cases, if you got mom a gift, it may not be practical or possible to send it to her while she’s in the field. If you’re the nostalgic type, write her a card, date it, and make sure she knows it was a Mothers’ Day gift. Not so nostalgic? Set it aside in a special place as part of her welcome home package. If neither of those ideas peak your interest, get creative and surprise her with an awesome reveal when she comes home!

3. Skype/Call if You Can

This is arguably the best way to wish Mom a happy Mothers’ Day. Throw on her favorite outfit (if you’re Skyping), give her your best grin, and wish her the happiest of Mothers’ Days! Unfortunately not all moms will have the option to skype or call family while they’re in the field. If you can’t use this option, do your best to make Mom smile with the first 2 options.

When in doubt, you can always grab mom a personalized keepsake from We’d like to wish all of our deployed moms the happiest of Mothers’ Days!

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