Happy 238th Birthday to the U.S. Army

It’s no coincidence that the United States celebrates Flag Day on the birthday of it’s Army branch. On this day in 1775 U.S. Congress adopted the Minutemen of Boston as it’s first official United States Army force in order to stand up to an upcoming British assault. Tomorrow marks the day that this branch was unofficially handed to George Washington. The rest is history. On this day of celebration, take a moment to reflect on all the men and women who have served for the same purpose over nearly 2-and-a-half centuries.

Don’t forget to participate in National Flag Day Traditions!

There are a handful of traditions on Flag Day, that can sometimes be swept up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Don’t forget to take a few moments out of your day and observe some of these traditions:

  1. Fly your Flag. Unfold that well-stored flag and get it out in front of your house. Stick your small hand flags in your car windows. Whatever it takes to get the colors up, make sure that flag is flying!
  2. Light it Up. According to U.S. flag rules, the Stars and Stripes may be flown for the full day (and night) as long as it’s lit by a spotlight. Don’t have a spotlight? Try a large flashlight for one night so you can celebrate the entire 24 hours of Flag Day!
  3. Retire Old Flags. With Flag Day comes many official burning ceremonies in local communities. These are often led by local Boy Scout troops, who know the rules and standards of “retiring” a flag through an official burning ceremony. If in doubt, contact your local scout troop and get them that old flag. Even if they’re not participating in a ceremony, they’ll know where to send them.
  4. Observe the Etiquette.  Flag Day is a good opportunity to learn the etiquette and rules behind flying official flags. For example, rules of which many people aren’t aware include:
  • – If you’re flying a flag vertically, the blue/stars should always be on the public viewer’s left.
  • – If you’re flying multiple flags (POW/MIA, State Flags, Club Flags, etc.) the United States Flag is always to be displayed on the public viewer’s left.
  • – The most well-known rule: Always fly the United States Flag higher than companion flags on display.

Happy 238th birthday U.S. Army!

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