Today in History: The Start of the Korean War

63 years ago, today – North Korea began it’s effort to take over the South Korean peninsula through openly declared war. In the early morning, the North opened fire on the South in an aggressive advance, leading to well over 70,000 South Korean troops either lost or missing in just one day. Though the actual start of the war is still up for debate (some believe the South fired first, while others believe the North executed a planned attack), June 25th is a day for reflection.

2 days later the United Nations, including the United States committed hundreds of thousands of troops to aid South Korea in what would eventually turn into 3-year war. The United States armed forces sent around 300,000 troops, which made up the most dominant portion of the military presence in South Korea.

Today isn’t necessarily a day to celebrate, but it is as good a day as any to say thank you to any Korean War veterans you know. Veterans of a war most often referred to as “The Forgotten War” in American history don’t often receive recognition for their efforts. Most will graciously accept the thanks whether it’s a gift of appreciation, showing interest in stories they may have to tell, or a simple “thank you, sir.”

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