Commemorating A Life-Changing Event

US Military Bracelets by Towne Craft Designs, Commemorating a Life-Changing Experience

Serving in the military is a life-changing event – and one that thousands of men and women experience each and every day. In the time they spend serving their country – whether overseas or on our own soil – they see and do things that will forever impact their outlook on life.

Upon their return from deployment, many military heroes wish to commemorate their service in a lasting and memorable way. In the past, some turned to tattoos or other body art – a practice that is still quite common today among new veterans. But there is another option: Personalized military jewelry.

At Towne Craft Designs, we created our line of US Military Bracelets as a unique way for veterans to commemorate their military careers. Each of our men’s military bracelets can be personalized in a variety of locations, and with any message you desire. Popular choices include platoon names, dates of deployment, the names of fallen comrades – anything that has meaning to you or your veteran.

Show respect for some of life’s most significant memories today with a US Military Bracelet. Visit to learn more.

Remember the fallen. Honor the living.

US Military Bracelets, Towne Craft Designs, Remember the Fallen, Honor the Living

This coming Monday, May 28th, is Memorial Day – the day on which we show remembrance for those members of the United States Military who have given their lives in service of our country. These brave men and women fought to protect our freedoms and paid the ultimate price. Whether you are visiting your local cemetery to place flags on gravesites, attending parades or ceremonies to show support for living veterans, or engaging in your own private reflection, be sure to remember the sacrifices others have made so that we can be free.

At Towne Craft Designs, we have the utmost respect and admiration for each and every member of the United States Military. We urge you to show your support for them – not only on days of remembrance, but year-round.

We wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.

How do military families survive deployments?

US Military Bracelets, Towne Craft Designs, How do Military Families Survive Deployments

To most of us, having a family member away at college, on a business trip, or at an exotic vacation destination gives us some sense of anxiety for their safety. Even so, thoughts of whatever danger they might face while away can usually be banished with a simple self assurance that we are worrying too much – our loved ones will soon be home again.

Since becoming friends with several military families in my neighborhood, I’ve became much more aware of the constant roller-coaster ride that they experience when a loved one is sent in harm’s way. How do they cope with the constant fear of the worst happening to them? How are they able to carry on with their lives – and even smile?

One afternoon, at a neighborhood playground, I asked these questions to a young military wife whose husband has been deployed twice in the past three years. She gave up her career five years ago to be at home with their children. Her answer was surprisingly simple, and attached to a wide smile: “Love”, she responded. “I love my husband and believe in what he does. My job as a military mom matters, and our unity as a family makes us strong and resilient.”

The simplicity of how she views her job as a military wife and mom amazes me. She is fully aware of both her family’s situation and the risks involved in her husband’s deployment, and yet her children are just as healthy, happy, and mischievous as all the others on that playground. They are growing up with two amazing role models in their lives. They understand that faith, courage, love, and resilience are all vital components of a happy life – no matter which path you choose to take.

If you feel the same level of appreciation for military families, be sure to let them know how much you admire them. The support of others who appreciate their sacrifices can be invaluable in helping families at home cope with the deployment of their loved ones.

Saluting our Heroes on Armed Forces Day

US Military Bracelets, Saluting Our Heroes on Armed Forces Day

Every third Saturday in May, we have an invaluable opportunity to salute each of the men and women in all branches of the United States Military. These brave citizens can be called upon at a moment’s notice to perform risky and perilous missions that may put their own safety at risk – all in service of our country.

Our military and their families sacrifice so much for our nation every day, and deserve our most heartfelt gratitude. This year, on Armed Forces Day (May 19th), show your appreciation for your military hero by flying a flag, saying ‘thank you’ for all of their hard work and the sacrifices they make to keep our country ‘the land of the free’, and by presenting them with a memorable gift – a stainless steel bracelet or a pendant from Towne Craft Designs.

All of our men’s and boy’s bracelets can be engraved in five separate locations, with up to two lines of 11 characters each per location; our women’s and girl’s bracelets can each be engraved on the reverse. We offer finely crafted bracelets with gold and silver raised emblems, as well as engraved emblems, for five branches of the United States Military.

For a limited time, shipping and engraving is free in the continental U.S. Order now and use the code ‘engraving’ when placing your order.

A Special Gift for Military Moms

US Military Bracelets by Towne Craft Designs, A Special Gift for Military Moms

Women make up about 20 percent of the today’s U. S. military, and are increasingly found filling combat roles traditionally designated to men. Mothers and wives fight for and serve our country all over the world. This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation with a heartfelt keepsake from

Graceful yet durable, our jewelry makes the perfect compliment for any military mom. Our women’s bracelets are made of high-quality stainless steel and fashioned with a stylish but sturdy woven band. Each one is crowned with a military emblem, skillfully embossed or raised in gold or silver. Bracelets can also be engraved with a special, personalized message. And as a striking accessory for both formal and everyday wear, we also offer hand-crafted sterling silver pendants.

Right now, shipping is free in the continental U.S. And to send a truly special Mother’s Day message, for a limited time, all of our beautiful gifts will include a handwritten card. Present the special military mom in your life with a gift worthy of wearing.  Order now!

M-O-T-H-E-R: Spell A Tribute

US Military Bracelets, Towne Craft Designs, M-O-T-H-E-R: Spell A Tribute

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, a time to honor mothers, wives, daughters, and grandmothers for the difference they make in our lives. Whether soldiers stationed overseas or wives enduring at home, Towne Craft Designs jewelry offers a great way to show appreciation for those women all over the U.S. who serve our country every day.

Our unique bracelets are stainless steel bangles styled with a modern “twisted rope design” and a center ”dog tag” top that is lovingly embraced by a double heart detail. Each top prominently displays the military emblem from each of the five branches of the US military in 14K yellow gold, sterling silver or simply embossed. Attractive and durable, bracelets can be engraved with a personalized message to create a truly unique and memorable keepsake. We also offer sterling silver pendants, hand-crafted to a brilliant shine and hung from an elegant diamond-cut chain.

Find a perfect Mother’s Day gift for the military women in your life, and show them the depth of your gratitude and admiration. Visit our website today!

Operation Homefront Offers Assistance to Low-Income Military Families

US Military Bracelets, Towne Craft Designs, Operation Homefront Offers Assistance to Low-Income Military FamiliesMany of you are probably aware of the non-profit organization called Operation Homefront. It was founded in 2002 with a mission to support the families of deployed service members immediately following 9/11. The organization has grown since then, and it currently provides services to military families across the nation, specifically to the lowest-paid service members – the E-1 through E-6 enlisted ranks.

Operation Homefront provides direct services to alleviate a military family’s or individual’s actual/complete emergency financial burden, as well as counseling and/or recovery support. Emergency financial assistance is given in the form of checks paid directly to mortgage lenders, auto mechanics, contractors, hospitals, doctors, dentists, and other providers. Other emergency funding assistance, which an applicant receives within 24 to 72 hours, includes the following:

  • Financial assistance
  • Emergency food
  • Emergency home repairs
  • Critical baby items: formula, food, and diapers
  • Home and appliance repair
  • Furniture and household items
  • Local moving assistance
  • Community events
  • Wounded Warrior Transitional Family Housing

The organization has earned the highest rating – four stars – for five straight years from Charity Navigator, the nation’s top independent evaluator of nonprofit organizations. Nationally, $.94 of every dollar donated to Operation Homefront goes to programs.

Operation Homefront relies heavily on volunteer assistance to accomplish their mission.  Each chapter has few or no paid staff. To learn more about this amazing organization, visit

Coming soon: The perfect accessory for special occasions

US Military Bracelets, Wine Charms, Towne Craft Designs, Coming soon: The perfect accessory for special occasions

Spring is here, bringing longer, sunlit hours and warmer weather. What better way to enjoy a beautiful day than with the company of friends and loved ones? Whether dinner with the neighbors, a picnic with family, or just a glass of wine with old comrades, it’s time to get together and unwind with those nearest and dearest. Towne Craft Designs will soon introduce the perfect accessory for special occasions, a new and trendy way to honor your military hero at that party or special gathering. Keep checking our website for more info!

Honor Your Hero Across the Miles

US Military Bracelets, Military Gifts, Towne Craft Designs, Honor Your Hero Across the Miles

Those men and women committed to serving our country follow the call to duty wherever it takes them. Many in the armed forces fight for freedom across the globe, spending holidays far away from home and the ones they love.

We recognize the courage and dedication of our armed forces, and the sacrifices they make in defense of our nation. Military deployments are long-term commitments, testing endurance and fortitude. Amid the hardships of long-term separation, out of touch with family and friends, service members not only face the dangers of potential combat, but also contend with stress, anxiety, and depression.

At these difficult times, the memory of supportive loved ones brings comfort and hope. This spring, let your thoughts and prayers bridge the distance and help your hero stay closer to home.

A perfect military graduation gift

US Military Bracelets and Pendants, Towne Craft Designs, A perfect military graduation gift

This spring, new graduates across the nation will be joining the many men and women valiantly serving in defense of our country. What better way to congratulate and show pride for your loved ones than with a hand-crafted US Military pendant?

Elegant and durable, our pendants are fashioned from sterling silver and hang on a 16” diamond-cut chain, making them striking accessories for special occasions or just for everyday wear. Emblems are available for all branches of the US Military, skillfully crafted to a bright finish. Be it for graduates or veterans, men or women, wives, teens, or children, our pendants make great and versatile gifts for anyone.

For more than forty years, Towne Craft Designs has been a leader in quality jewelry design and customer service. Visit our online store today and find an unforgettable tribute for your hero.